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Over 5000 women and children in Baringo face hunger

More than 5000 residents of Tiaty Sub-County in Baringo and mostly women and children, risk starvation due to drought that has hit the area as rains have become scarce.

Speaking to KNA at her County Assembly office in Kabarnet Town, Loyamorok ward in Tiaty MCA Maria Losile has expressed fears of a looming crisis as her residents were facing starvation due to drought.

“Women have a big problem due to the drought caused by lack of rain and they are forced to feed their children on wild fruits that they boil the whole day to make them fit for consumption,” Losile said.

The MCA further stated that the pastoralist community have also lost livestock due to lack of pasture, water and disease infection.

Losile also said the ongoing security operation has affected her area as the residents were unable to go to markets to sell livestock in order to buy food and has asked well-wishers to supply food to the area.

“Most big markets like Churo are closed due to insecurity and residents are not able to get food,” she said.

The MCA has further expressed concerns that children would soon drop out of schools since they do not have food to eat and women were having a difficult time fending for their children.

“Schools may soon close due to lack of food and since residents are nomads, they have started moving their livestock to areas where they can get pasture and water,” Losile said.

She has called on the government and non-governmental organizations like Red Cross and the World Vision to come to the aid of her residents to stem the crisis.

By Caroline Cherono and Christopher Kiprop

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