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Over 7,000 Isiolo residents set to receive monthly stipend

Isiolo County Coordinator for Social Development, Mr Dabaso Doyo, presided over an ongoing exercise to create awareness for the elderly who are set to benefit from the National Government’s, Inua Jamii programme.

The exercise entails the beneficiaries opening accounts of their choice at the six banks set by the government in Isiolo County, which are Kenya Commercial Bank, Equity Bank, Cooperative Bank, Post Bank, Kenya Women Finance Trust and National Bank.

He stated that the County had over 7,000 beneficiaries under the government’s Inua Jamii programme who are the elderly, orphans and vulnerable children and persons with disabilities.

Doyo stated that each beneficiary will be handed a computer-based e-ticket within the system for bio-metric identification, which will enable them to generate an account.

The money being released was for the months of July- October cycle which will be done by the end of December, amounting to eight thousand shillings.

Doyo noted that for one to be considered in the list of getting the Sh2,000 per month, they must meet certain criteria which are being above the age of 70 years and above, critically disabled persons who are under 24 hours supervision and the vulnerable orphans having at least one parent or none.

He noted that the process entailed clearing of the previous register and re-creating new accounts up to April, making it a six-month process hence those who won’t have an account will be assumed dead and they will be illegible for the programme.

Doyo pleaded with the local Administration and the Social Assistant Committees around the villages to educate and spread awareness on the registration to the residents.

The Committees involved were given stern warnings against engaging in corruption and should uphold integrity and honesty of the highest order while conducting the exercise.

Mr Gufu Gollo, Chairman of White Party Democratic Movement within the County, stated that they receive money in a right and just manner and has not heard of any complaints from the fellow beneficiaries.

By Parklea Ivor and Gordo Godana


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