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Palm seeds gain popularity with massage fans

For Felix Waweru, palm seeds are not just ordinary seeds but a massage tool that is gaining popularity each passing day among Laikipia County residents as opposed to electrified body relaxing machines.

On a normal day, Waweru, aged 20-years-old, hawks his palm seeds in the streets of Nanyuki town and its environs, a venture resident are increasingly embracing as a mode of body relaxation after a long day at work.

When KNA caught up with Waweru in Nanyuki, he revealed that he saw a business niche after realising the majority of people shy away from using electrical massagers which could endanger their lives.

“Most people nowadays don’t like using electrical machines since they are risky and again using hands to massage is tiresome. The palm seeds are equal to the task. They have grooves that can be rolled into one’s body effectively relieving tension,” reveals the 20-year-old entrepreneur, adding that the seed can be rolled on any part of the body effortlessly and the task doesn’t require professional a masseuse.

Waweru has been selling palm seeds for massage therapy for a year, and notes that with his new venture, customers embrace it since there are no underlying dangers and added the tool can perform the muscle relaxation tasks just like any other methods in the spa industry. He says the seeds are fetched from the Coast region where there are plenty of palm trees.

“I mostly get the seeds from Coastal areas and since I started selling them for massage, people took it positively because I explain to them how they work. It is good, residents have embraced them and they are very supportive,” says Waweru.

Waweru who completed his secondary school education in 2020, says that the only challenge with his business is unavailability of the palm seeds. He retails a unit to his clients at Sh100 per seed.

He hopes that his venture will grow and be able to stock the palm seeds in supermarkets and other retail outlets where people can access them with ease.

Waweru, further points out that, with his business, he has been able to sustain himself financially and encourages young people to be innovative and not to engage in drugs and substance abuse.

“I would like to advise the youth to be hardworking. I have noticed that parents love to promote committed children and it doesn’t matter the type of work but not illegal activities. Our parents get happy when we are working. We shouldn’t get involved in drug and substance abuse,” opines the entrepreneur.

Ms Jecinta Mwangi, a resident of Nanyuki and one of Waweru’s customers, notes that she loves using the palm seed for massage adding they are cost effective, they rejuvenate the body and muscles relaxation, however she said at first, she was sceptical of the idea.

Meanwhile, according to a US based institute, Academy of Natural Therapy, massage therapy dates back several centuries and people performed the exercises using different orthodox means as natural healing ways including to relieve pain, cure illness and body relaxation. Modern therapeutic practice started in the 19th century; however, people continue to use ancient massage therapeutic practices globally.

By Muturi Mwangi

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