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Parents Advised Against Buying Motorbikes For Their Sons

Chief Administrative Secretary for Public Service and Gender, Dr. Linah Jebii Kilimo has advised parents against buying motorbikes for their sons who are yet to join secondary school.

Speaking in Iten, she told parents not to purchase motorbikes for their sons who are still studying because it makes them lack proper concentration in school.

“I know they went for circumcision as the norm before joining secondary schools and from there somebody owns a motorbike,” she said.

She explained that owning motorbikes makes them lack motivation to continue with education as most start making money from operating Boda bodas for business.

The CAS alluded such acts by the parents makes the boy child to be left behind as the girl child is being empowered.

“We need an equal society, because both the boys and girls are all ours and we cannot afford to lead any of them through the wrong path,” said the CAS.

She said that the parents need to be more vigilant on how they look after their children so as not to be apportioned blame later in life.

“We need to build a foundation for the generations that will follow us because even for us to be here somebody built a foundation,” said Kilimo

She advised girls not to take advantage of the fact that the government has allowed them to go back to school after pregnancies advising them to be principled because there is time for everything.

By Rennish Okong’o

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