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Parents failing to take children to school to be punished

Marakwet West MP Timothy Kipchumba Toroitich has urged chiefs and their assistants to deal firmly with errant parents who fail to take their children to school.

Toroitich noted that there were many children in the region who were out of school for various reasons, hence the need to conduct a mop up exercise to rescue and take them back to class.

Speaking at Kapsowar boys’ secondary school, the MP noted that parents were neglecting their cardinal duty by infringing on the rights of their children to education by letting them keep away from school.

He added that by allowing their children to remain at home, parents were unknowingly exposing them to vices such as drugs and substance abuse at a tender age.

The MP also urged teachers to ensure effective coverage of the syllabus and avoid engaging in businesses during working hours, which lowered their integrity in the society.

Kipchumba called on the teachers to take pride in their work, compete amongst themselves and produce high grades in the national examinations.

He noted that there are various organizations and donors willing to sponsor top performing students to achieve their goals in life.

“There are willing donors ready to sponsor hard working students, but so far we have fallen short as a sub county in getting the targeted results to qualify for such support, with only a few candidates managing to get the required points,” he added.

Torotoich also called on the Sub County security team to control playing of pool in order to boost security and dissuade the youth from wasting their valuable time playing the game.

By Rennish Okong’o

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