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Parents, teachers urged to be role models to learners

New Rift Valley Regional Education Director Jared Obiero has called on parents and teachers to be role models to children in a bid to curb the school unrest being witnessed in the country lately

Obiero said the increasing cases of Indiscipline among the young learners was worrying, hence parents and teachers should instill morals to the young generation.

He spoke during an education stakeholder’s forum held at a Narok hotel where he said children should not be left to do what they want without guidance from a responsible adult.

“Sometime we need to ask ourselves, why are the children behaving this way at school and not at home, or why are they behaving this way at home and not in school? We need to ask ourselves what is missing among our children,” he said.

The education director blamed parents for losing touch with their children during holidays as the children are left to do what they wish to do with no supervision.

“Have we given up on our children such that we do not mind even when they sleep outside our homes and spend a whole day with friends and no one seems to care?” posed Obiero.

The director asked the learning institutions to put up strong leadership that will help in mentoring the children and correcting them when they go wrong.

“I can promise you if we do not do something to discipline our children now, we will have a rotten society in the future. This is the time to mentor them and show them the way before it is too late,” he reiterated.

Also in attendance was the Narok County Commissioner Evans Achoki and Narok Police Commander John Kizito.

Achoki warned the young learners that they risked missing out on job opportunities because of lack of a good conduct certificate.

He called on the parents to spend quality time with their children when they are at home so as to understand the challenges they were passing through and encourage them to work hard in school.

School unrest countrywide has been a thorn in the flesh in the recent past forcing the department of education to recommend a mid-term break for the secondary school students.

By Ann Salaton

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