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Parents to Ensure Children Report Back to School

Parents of Githunguri Sub-county in Kiambu County have been cautioned to ensure that their children reported to school as expected and they should not return home for any reason.

            Githunguri Sub-County director of education Ms. Nancy Kihara says no school head was allowed to send home any child for lack of fees or for any other reason, and that the officers should obey the directive to the letter.

            Talking to KNA from her office yesterday the Sub-County director called on the parents to strictly monitor the children so that they don’t miss school on the pretext that they had been told by the head teacher to return home for fees.

            Ms. Macharia clarified that the Government had directed all school heads to admit all students back to school so that learning can resume following the long holiday that was caused by the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic in the country.

            She also called on the students to cooperate with the school administration and stop being naughty. “Co-operate with the school administration and relay any information which will allow the smooth running of the school” she noted.

            She made the remarks upon learning from KNA that some 6 school boys from William Ng’iru Gitau secondary School in Ikinu had been spotted walking along Githunguri – Kiambu road during hours when they were expected to be in school. Upon interrogation, they revealed to KNA that they had been told by their principal to go home since they had not paid fees on the day the schools were reopened

            “Since Monday, we have not been allowed back to school because we have not paid fees” they said in unison.

            KNA proceeded to the said school but the principal Mr. Daniel Ndungu denied that he had sent home any students for lack of fees.

            Mr. Ndungu explained that he had instructed any student who did not pay fees to come with their parents so that they could agree on the mode of payment.

 He noted that most of the parents were co-operative and had been visiting the school from Mondays to discuss the issue as they ascertain the MOH protocols of the school where their children were learning since it was a day school where they spend many hours

By Lydia Shiloya

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