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Parents urged to counsel learners during mid-term break

Kisii High School Principal Fred Mogaka has asked parents to provide counselling to their children when they break for mid-term to curb the rising cases of school unrest being witnessed in the country.

Speaking during the school’s annual cultural festival, Mogaka said parents and caregivers have the opportunity to talk to their sons and daughters and guide them during the four days they will spend at home.

“What is happening in our schools, this moral decay that you see being witnessed could probably be what is happening in our families. Parents have not spent quality time with their kids, “Mogaka noted.

The Principal pointed out that schools had invested a lot of money in infrastructure and urged the government to ensure that students found responsible for school fires are charged in court so they can serve as an example to those planning to do the same.

In addition, Mogaka said Kisii High School had organized a cultural week themed ‘Routing Ourselves Back to our Roots’ to enable the learners break the class monotony and appreciate their peers who hail from diverse cultural backgrounds.

“Our theme urges students to be responsible and go back to our roots where we encourage students not to burn schools. If there are issues to be sorted out, we have dialogue that we always encourage as an institution, ” said Mogaka.

The Chairman of the Cultural Festival, Teacher Gilbert Okumu, said the event is meant to allow the students to rest after a series of exams they cleared yesterday. “We need to give the students a bit of freedom to have time to relax so that they can go back to class next week feeling energized,” he said.

The Ministry of Education recently gave learners a mid-term break, from November 19 to November 23, following a petition by the Kenya Secondary Schools Heads Association who expressed concern over increased pressure on learners resulting in school unrest due to the current crush programme.

By Mercy Osongo

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