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Parents urged to educate their disabled children

Baringo Governor, Stanley Kiptis, has called upon parents to educate their children with special needs, so that they can have a chance to learn and showcase own talent and intelligence.

Kiptis made the call during Kabarnet School for Deafblind 5th Happy-Day celebrations, held at the school grounds in Baringo Central Sub-county over the weekend.

He observed that many parents from the County were still reluctant to take such children to school to get quality education and socialization, for fear of stigmatization.

“I am made to know that there are some families who are still hiding children with special needs and they cannot mingle with other children freely,” he said.

The Baringo governor stated that it was wrong for anybody to prevent such children from accessing education that is their inherent right as enshrined in the constitution due to challenges which are beyond their wish.

He revealed that Baringo has over 18,000 people with special needs compounded by physical, intellectual and mental illnesses with Tiaty Constituency leading the pack.

Kiptis said his Administration in collaboration with National Government as well as partners has established schools across the County such as Ochii, Emining, Kabarnet, Egure, Shimoni and Marigat, which admit children with various challenges.

He said that education is a critical equalizer that ensures that those with physical and mental challenges, enable them to gain a high level of independence and push their full potential.

The Institution’s Board of Management (BOM) Chairperson, Joseph Kandie, cautioned that children are gifted differently hence others should not be seen as lesser humans.

Kandie encouraged parents with such special children, to make them their first priority even when paying fees and provision of other basic needs.

“Before you even pay fees for your child at the university, first ensure that the one with special needs is well taken care of,” he said.

The Kabarnet School for Deafblind BOM Chair, stated that as an institution, they shall strive to ensure that the children apart from the support they are getting are provided with enough security and care.

The Institution’s Principal, Salina Binott, who appreciated well-wishers and other invited guests who attended the annual celebration said that it is a noble thing to touch a children’s heart, by supporting them in their education journey.

She stated that such children will become dependable people in society in the future hence they should not be neglected.

The school, established in 1985 by retired President, the late Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi, has 75 children, 31 instructors and more than 20 support staff.

The school admits children between 5-18 years old with multiple challenges that is deaf and blind and other disabilities.

By Benson Kelio and Joshua Kibet

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