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Passengers Stranded along Bura-Madogo road following rain

Passengers travelling in buses from Garissa to Hola-Mombasa got stranded for over ten hours at the Bura-Madogo road after vehicles got stuck while trying to cross a broken flooded section of the road following the ongoing heavy rainfall.

The incident saw a number of buses headed to Garissa and those headed for Nairobi turn back to the nearest towns, while other passengers walked across and boarded land cruiser private vehicles.

Speaking to the press yesterday in Hola town, the frustrated passengers said that their children were crying bitterly out of hunger.

One of the passengers, Ms. Anne Mokami, said “We have been there since 8 am, when our bus from Garissa got stuck, others have joined in the mess, our children are suffering while we pay tax to use such a road, it is hurting”.

Some of the road users were rained on, after the buses, they boarded resolved to go back to the nearest town, fearing the heavy rains that have been causing destructive flash floods.

The vehicles and passenger buses were forced to wait for the water to subside, which saw the passengers leaving the sections at night.

The Tana River County Government Roads Executive member CEC, Eng. Stephen Wachira, said the Administration had addressed the concerns over the road with the Kenya National Highways Authority Regional office in Garissa, who had promised to work on the section.

By Simon Guruba

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