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Pastoralists in Samburu County benefit from a Sh75 million project

Pastoralists farmers in Samburu County have benefited from a Sh. 75 million project grant from the Japanese government that seeks to cushion them from the impact of drought experienced in the area.

The project being implemented by the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) in partnership with the Kenyan government is meant to mitigate the impact of drought for the vulnerable pastoral communities in the area.

Thousands of livestock farmers recently gathered at Ng’ambo village in Oldokejek ward where their animals were dewormed and vaccinated against diseases by the county government veterinary officers.

The exercise led by the Samburu County Director of veterinary services Dr. Boree Lekenit saw over 20, 000 sheep and goats get the medication.

Dr. Lekenit said that the most common livestock diseases in the area were foot and mouth, lumpy skin disease, sheep and goat pox, pneumonia and pest of small rumens.

Farmers whose livestock got the medication lauded the project saying that it had cushioned them from buying medication and pesticides for their animals.

Anna Lenairushi said that her goat herd had increased since the project was introduced in the area as more of her animals survived diseases due to the help they got from local vets.

“Previously my goats were infested with worms and suffered many diseases and many died in the process, but today I am happy since I have a healthier flock,” Lenairushi said.

Edward Lenarushi, another farmer who rears sheep and goats said that livestock death rate had drastically reduced since the introduction of the project.

The one-year project that started in 2023 has so far seen the provision of range cubes to livestock where a total of 5,000 bags equivalent to 250 tonnes were distributed to 1000 households.

Additionally, livestock health support was provided through deworming and vaccination of livestock, where a total of 100,000 doses of CCPP vaccines, 75,000 doses of sheep and goat pox vaccines, 50,000 doses of LSD vaccines, 2200 litres of 10 percent Albendazole and other assorted drugs and equipment were received and administered from FAO.

In addition, a total of 1000 most vulnerable households were supplied with animal feed, in addition to receiving Ksh.12000 each in unconditional cash transfers.

By Martin Munyi


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