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Peace in the country has seen import trade thrive

Import trade in Kenya has risen by about 80% over the last six months since the handshake deal between President Uhuru Kenyatta and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga.
According to Kenya International Freight and Warehousing Association (KIFWA) chairman Mr. William Ojonyo, import traders have enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere in the country which has allowed trade to flourish.
“Inland container depots in Nairobi are full of cargo as a result of a rise in importation and this can only be attributed to the calm political atmosphere in the country which has improved confidence among the traders” Ojonyo stated.
Speaking at Nyamira ACK church in Bondo Wednesday, where the association presented Mr. Odinga with a sculpture of a dove symbolizing peace, Mr Ojonyo said the current peace in the country has led to improved accountability and efficiency in the import trade.
He said that previously when there were constant high political temperatures and chaos in the country, trade bore the greatest brunt indicated by low cargo traffic at the Inland Container Depots.
“When there is turmoil in the country, people take advantage of the situation to perpetrate corruption and inefficiency in the sector but with the peaceful atmosphere all the loopholes are exposed and efficiency improves” said Ojonyo.
KIFWA chairperson congratulated both the President and Mr. Odinga for taking the country in the right direction adding that the country needs less politicking for trade to thrive.
Speaking at the same event, Mr Odinga asked politicians engaged in campaigns for 2022 political succession to give the country a break.
Odinga said the country needs to concentrate on growth and development as well as deal with issues of corruption, ethnicity, poverty, joblessness and strengthen devolution instead of politicking.
He at the same time said reiterated he is not interested in succeeding President Kenyatta and will not be in the 2022 presidential race as suggested by a section of politicians.
The former premier said that although the handshake has not solved all Kenya’s problems it is a good start for the country and Kenyans are feeling much better with the current political peace and understanding.
Mr. Odinga said that the President and himself feel the handshake will give Kenyans more hope as they go into 2019.
“We want 2019 to be a year of hope for Kenyans, that a new Kenya is possible with the unification of all communities to create a united country.
By Brian Ondeng’

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