Peace initiative between Luo, Kikuyu elders not a conspiracy – Oburu Odinga

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The ongoing peace initiative between Luo and Kikuyu communities is not a conspiracy to sideline other communities in the country’s leadership, East Africa legislative Assembly member, Dr. Oburu Oginga has said.
Oburu said that contrary to what its critics would want the country to believe, the initiative that has seen delegations from both sides visit each other was part of the building bridges mandate of building a peaceful and cohesive nation.
Speaking at Ambira High School Grounds in Ugunja Constituency Thursday, the EALA MP who was flanked by area legislator Opiyo Wandayi and the Siaya County Executive Committee Member for ICT, Culture and Sports Charles Ogada, said elders from the two communities were committed to resolving a long held animosity between them that has had a negative impact on the country’s politics.
“It is not an initiative to conspire against other Kenyans. The two communities have had a love – hate relationship and we are committed to repairing this crack,” he said, adding that once the suspicion between the two is resolved, things will be well.
Oburu challenged Kenyan youth to join the quest for leadership and not to wait to be handed over governance in a silver platter.
The EALA MP further challenged elders to bring the youth closer and mentor them on leadership if they were to become better leaders in future.
“As elders, we will have to pave way for the youth. However, the youth to be trusted with leadership must not be cowards,” he said.
He warned the Kenyan youth to be wary of propaganda and empty rhetoric by a section of senior Jubilee politicians whom he accused of portraying the government negatively so as to win sympathy votes.
Oburu specifically took issue with the Deputy President Dr. William Ruto whom he accused of criticizing policies of the same government he was serving as number two in the chain of command.
“I want to tell our brother, Deputy President to stop the politics of blaming the same government he was serving,” he said, posing, “Why lie to the youth that you will do something for them in the next dispensation after 2022?”
Oburu said that cheap politics would not endear the youth to leaders who have failed in their duty and were instead hell-bent on undermining the current government.
Addressing the occasion, Ugunja MP Opiyo Wandayi challenged the youth to take advantage of various initiatives provided by the government to develop themselves so as to become responsible citizens in future.

By Philip Onyango


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