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PEFA Bishop Defends Voiceless

The church should not shy away from pointing out the ills of the State and the entire society, the newly installed Pentecostal Evangelistic Fellowship of Africa Presiding Bishop John Okinda has said.

Okinda said the church has a moral duty to correct, criticize or partner with the State where necessary with the objective of improving human life.

He said the church will not stop talking against corruption which has threatened the economic and social development of the country.

The PEFA Presiding Bishop noted that the church is an eye opener to the society and called on church leaders to bring about change by speaking the truth.

Bishop Okinda however called for fairness and transparency among those charged with fighting corruption by not using such state agencies as instruments to intimidate selected individuals espousing a different political ideology.

“Corruption should not be used as a witch hunt. Correct mechanisms should be used to bring to book all those who misappropriated public funds,” Okinda said.

Okinda at the same time regretted that Sh 2.3 trillion national budget does not correspond to our Gross Domestic Product. He said the government should borrow for development but not for recurrent expenditure.

During his tenure as the head Bishop, Okinda pledged to reinforce Savings and Credit Cooperative Societies within PEFA church so that members at various churches can enjoy improved standards of life.

He said the church supports the government in it’s endeavour to ensure Kenyans achieve the dream of being productive citizens who respect law and order.

The Bishop compared Kenya with South Korea when the two countries recorded the same economic performance in 1960s but added the Asian country is now much developed due to proper management of public resources and administration.

Also present during the installation ceremony was Migori Governor Zachary Obado who reiterated that the church and the state are inseparable. Obado reminded the church to remain as a mirror of society by correcting the government officials where they have gone wrong.

Okinda will be serving as PEFA church Presiding Bishop for the next five years. He is taking the mantle from outgoing Bishop Joseph Mophat Kilioba.

Other dignitaries who attended the installation ceremony at Migori Stadium include Mama Ida Odinga and Migori County Woman Representative Pamela Odhiambo among other church leaders.

By Geoffrey Satia and Ruth Kerubo




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