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Persons with disabilities to help fight corruption

National Gender and Equality Commission (NGEC) in Murang’a County has asked Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) in Murang’a to come-up with strategies to fight corruption.

The Commission’s Chairperson, Dr. Joyce Mutinda, speaking during a consultative meeting with Murang’a County government officials at the County boardroom, Wednesday, said the Commission will ensure that PWDs are given their rightful role to come-up with strategies to fight corruption.

“We have noticed as a Commission that when we talk about matters of corruption, we are just dealing with every other person besides persons with disabilities,” said Mutinda, adding that moving forward they would want inclusivity when it comes to matters of fighting corruption.

According to Mutinda, persons with disabilities include people who have long-term physical, sensory, mental or intellectual impairments, which in interaction with various barriers may hinder their full and effective participation in society on an equal basis with others.

Mutinda further said that as a Commission they have observed that PWDs are either victims of corruption or the perpetrators of corruption hence need to be informed of their role in fighting corruption.

“The Commission will carry out a participation forum in Murang’a where, especially persons with disabilities will be sensitized and informed on their role in fighting corruption,” she said

The Chair divulged that NGEC not only advocates for rights of persons with disabilities but also other special interest groups, including women, children, youth, the older members of society, minorities and marginalized groups.

Mutinda added that the Commission also discussed other issues that are of concern with regards to special interest groups in Murang’a and are hopeful that the county government will address the raised issues

“NGEC promotes gender equality and freedom from all forms of discrimination in Kenya, especially for special interest groups through ensuring compliance with policies, laws and practice” she said.

Meanwhile, Mutinda further stated that the Commission offers free services on matters regarding Legislation Bills and County Policies, to ensure that the policies are not discriminatory and they are inclusive.

“The County Executive Committee can use the model policies provide for NGEC to guide them when they are coming-up with county policies, regulation and guidelines,” she said, adding that the policies should be

Murang’a Deputy Governor, Stephen Mburu, speaking on behalf of Governor, Dr Irungu Kang’ata, said that the County is committed to fighting corruption and also promoting gender equality, especially for special interest groups through ensuring compliance with policies, laws and practice.

“Our Administration is committed towards ensuring that we are compliant within our policy regulations and circles of service and that we do not have barriers that hinder access and inclusivity of opportunities to our people,” he said.

Mburu said that it is the role of the county government and other related stakeholders, to come-up with strategies to fight corruption.

The NGEC visited the County with partners from Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC), who they have partnered with to deal with matters of fighting corruption

“We want to thank EACC since they are going to be the wealth of information they are going to rely on to be able to offer insight on how to fight corruption in our service delivery.” said the Deputy Governor.

By Anita Omwenga 






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