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Philanthropist donates mega water tank to primary school

A Murang’a philanthropist and the Can Do Kids International patron, Karanja Mburu Wamatangi, has launched a recently constructed 300,000-litre water tank at Rurii primary school in Gaturi, Kiharu constituency.

Speaking during the launch, Wamatangi said the water storage tank is expected to improve hygiene standards in the school as the water will be used for both cooking and cleaning.

“With this water, the children can now wash their hands regularly as well as keep the classrooms and toilets clean,” he said.

He noted that the initiative, which aims to bring basic needs closer to the people, is going to bring relief to the children because they would no longer have to carry water in containers to school every day.

There are 73 such tanks constructed in various schools across the county, and Wamatangi stated that his vision is to ensure that every school in Murang’a County has such a tank.

The Rurii primary school head, Rosa Ndirangu, expressed gratitude, noting that the tank holds enough water to last the school a year and therefore was going to be really helpful to the daily operations of the school, which is located in an area prone to drought.

Ndirangu urged well-wishers to also consider supporting the school in the construction of a kitchen and a special needs education unit, as the school is expected to incorporate special needs learners.

The well-wishers also renovated a similar tank at Kaganda primary school in Murarandia ward.

Several parents who were present during the launch expressed appreciation, noting their children will no longer have to fetch and carry water from home every day.

“I am happy as a parent because our children will not be carrying water to school every morning,” one of the parents said.

The children also received bibles for use in the study of Christian Religious Education in school and at home, also donated by Can Do Kids International.

By Purity Mugo

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