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Pig farmers trained by County Government in Kiambu

Three  hundred pig farmers have successfully been trained by the County Government of Kiambu in readiness for enhanced and better marketing strategies for their produce.

The farmers training sessions begun last week, December 10th and was completed yesterday with the trainers exuding confidence that the farmers had acquired requisite skills and exposure from their counterparts and trainers on their Agriculture and Agri-business venture.

The  Economic Advisor at the Kiambu County Government, Ms. Njoki Mitugo, told KNA at the close of the training held at a Kikuyu hotel that the farmers had appreciated the training from the County Government.

“The  farmers are extremely happy that the government is concerned and was actually retooling them to improve their social economic for ventures,” she said.

The  Officer  said Kiambu had the potential of producing enough pig products for consumption both locally and external market owing to the number of pig farmers who had opted for the venture.

She said the County Government intended to do a pilot project for farmers with a view of mobilizing them to form a pig farmers co-operative society and also a pig farmers union.

These two initiatives will encourage more farmers to venture into the business as it will help them plan for their proceeds from reliable sources.

According to the schedule, farmers were grouped into four so as to ensure that none who had expressed interest was left out.

Those from Ruiru, Juja and Thika were trained at KARLO in Thika, while those who hail in Kabete, Kiambaa and Kiambu were trained at the Catholic Hall in Kiambaa Sub-county.

Farmers from Gatundu South, Gatundu North and Githunguri were trained at Education Hall in Gatundu, while those from Lari, Limuru and Kikuyu were trained at Wida Highway Motel which marked the climax of the trainings

As the County Government of Kiambu endevours to improve the skills of the farmers, it is important to note that the farmers have individually gone out of their way to advance in specific areas as they also pool forces to seek for markets.

It is also in the right move towards food security which is among the Big Four Agenda, thus the reason for the Kiambu County Government to have invested in their training.

During the October 22nd , 2019 Open Day at Waruhiu Farm in Githunguri, scores of pig farmers who were doing value addition of the pig meat treated show goers with samosas and sausage from pig meat.

The farmers have also taken every available opportunity including National days, Graduations, among other gatherings to avail their produce for sale.

By  Lydia  Shiloya

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