Place sanitizer dispensers at all ATM outlets, banks challenged

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A  renowned PCEA Cleric, Reverend Godfrey Jomo has requested banks countrywide to put sanitizers dispensers within their Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) outlets to prevent the numerous clients using the service from contracting coronavirus.

Speaking to KNA on Monday in Nairobi, Jomo regretted that though the outlets are manned by guards day and night most financial institutions have failed to provide sanitizers thus putting users at the risk of contracting the killer disease.

“Thousands of bank customers among them foreigners use ATMs as opposed to banking halls due to the former’s convenience. It is therefore imperative for banks’ management to place sanitary dispensers within the outlets to prevent transmission of the virus via ATMs,” he stressed.

The  PCEA Cleric hailed President Uhuru Kenyatta’s move to close learning institutions on Sunday terming it the surest way to guard students and teachers from contracting the COVID-19.

Reverend Jomo who is also the Nairobi School Chaplain said owing to the high level of contacts, learners should be allowed to go home as the government and other stakeholders strive to contain the disease.

He argued that precautionary measures that the government was advocating, including the high hygiene standards and avoiding social behaviours like shaking hands could better be observed in a home environment under parents or guardians.

“I shudder with fear when I see 2000 plus students of Nairobi School under the supervision of 79 teachers who are equally vulnerable to coronavirus attack. If they are at home with parents, then a keener and closer monitoring of hygiene would be assured,” he posed.

Quoting the Holy Bible’s 2nd, Chronicles 7:14 and Jonah 3 : 6-10, the former Chairman of Nairobi branch Kenya National Association of Christian Chaplains requested President Uhuru Kenyatta to lead Kenyans into serious repentance and prayers so that God can intervene and stop the virus from spreading.

However, he requested fellow religious leaders and Christians in general to stop spiritualising the scourge but to take the necessary precautionary measures as spelt out by the Ministry of Health. “Let’s first do our part and then pray to God so that He can help us,” he advised.

By  Kamiri Munyaka

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