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Plans underway for Turkana tourism and cultural festival in August

Preparations have commenced for this year’s Turkana Tourism and Cultural Festival popularly known as Tobonglore, scheduled to take place in August 2023 at Ekaale’s Cultural Centre in Lodwar.

The festival aims to attract businessmen seeking opportunities to capitalize on the event, as well as artists, government officials, and festival-goers looking to immerse themselves in the cultural celebrations.

County Secretary Peter Eripete presided over the inaugural planning meeting, emphasizing that it was a county event involving all the departments with Tourism and Culture Department assuming the crucial coordination role.

Eripete stressed the need for early planning, commencing two months ahead of the festival, to allow sufficient time for invited guests and participating cultural teams to adequately prepare.

“To ensure a vibrant programme, the Tourism Department, in conjunction with the Administration Department, has been tasked with identifying performing cultural teams and curating diverse categories of cultural products and dances,” he said.

Moreover, the Cultural Centre at Ekaale’s is expected to be operational throughout the year, with the Tourism Department spearheading efforts to bring this vision to fruition.

Eripete emphasized the importance of optimizing the event’s seating arrangement, ensuring clear visibility of festival activities for all attendees.

He said elevated big screens would be strategically placed to facilitate live viewing and alleviate congestion within the seating area.

Additionally, the Tourism and Trade Departments are urged to explore transforming temporary homesteads and exhibition tents into permanent structures, providing enhanced facilities for future festivals.

Eripete also highlighted the significance of the Miss Tourism and Culture pageant night, emphasizing the need for an early and well-defined programme, considering its popularity among the youth.

To foster inclusivity and comprehensive planning, the relevant County House Committee on Tourism, Culture, and Heritage will be actively involved in the festival’s preparations.

The last festival was held in December 2021.

By Peter Gitonga



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