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Plans to Install 27 mini-grids  in Turkana

KUDURA Power East Africa company has unveiled plans to put up 27 mini-grids across Turkana to boost clean energy and water access solutions for the rural populations of the County.

This was revealed during a courtesy call by the KUDURA team to the Mining and Energy Department, where they met with Chief Officer David Maraka.

Brian Jaoko, the KUDURA Power Team Lead, listed Kakuma villages, Nariokotome, Oropoi, Juluk, Lochor Emeyen, Napusimoru, Nagetei, Lomil and Sasame as some of the earmarked locations to benefit from the project before the end of the year 2023.

Noting that the project is aligned with the Governor’s Nine-Point Agenda, Chief Maraka requested the KUDURA team conduct continuous public sensitization and reach out to the leadership class and the community to achieve the desired impact.

CCO Maraka also stressed the need for the full involvement of officials from the Lands, Water, and Administration Departments, recognising the project’s multi-sectoral nature.

By Peter Gitonga

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