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Plans underway to revive co-curriculum activities in schools

Mt Elgon Sub County Quality Assurance officer Musungu Muragwa says plans were underway to revive co-curriculum activities in schools.

While speaking to KNA in his office at Kapsokwony, Muragwa said that lack of co- curriculum activities affected a larger percentage of moral development to the students.

He noted that the Ministry of Education has plans to revive music, drama festivals and sports as from the academic year 2022/2023 which begins in April 2022.

He said that lack of the co-curriculum activities in learning institutions has brought down morals of most students since some of them were motivated by these activities in school.

Muragwa noted that talent would never be hidden and the children have gone to an extent of showcasing their talent in churches, burial ceremonies and other events.

He noted that they have also enhanced the Competence Based Curriculum (CBC) programme which not only engages learners in class work but also out of class activities.

The officer lamented how difficult it was to implement the policy since it only allowed persons who have complied with Covid 19 guideline which included vaccinated persons to participate in co-curriculum activities.

Muragwa said that there was need for continuous advocacy to the people on immunisation and cleanliness by washing their hands and wearing a mask.

Muragwa added that there should be control of the number of spectators in contact games which may enhance the spread of Covid-19.

By Mercy Khaemba

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