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PLWDs receive equipment to start small businesses

People With Disabilities (PLWDs) in Garissa have every reason to smile after the National Fund for the Disabled in Kenya donated assorted equipment to help them start or boost their businesses.

The equipment includes tailoring machines, water pumping machines, salon kits, sewing machines, car washing machines and wheelchairs.

Schools and Higher learning institutions that support students with disabilities are also part of the beneficiaries of the donations.

“Today we have distributed individual donations to 138 people worth Sh7.7 million. We have also issued Sh26.7 million in cheques to 26 institutions who support people living with disabilities,” Mike Kiswili, a trustee of the national fund for the disabled said while addressing the press.

“We want the people living with disabilities to be able to support themselves economically and reduce their dependency level by giving them the equipment they need to run their choice of businesses,” he added.

Kiswili advised the beneficiaries against selling the equipment for quick cash when they can get a long term benefit by utilizing them in the right way.

The trustee warned against discriminating PLWDs and urged the parents who have disabled children not to hide them but register them with the relevant national government institutions so that they can receive the services and benefits they need.

Garissa chairman for the PLWDs Aden Abdille Hassan said that he will be working to ensure that all people living with disabilities in the county are registered with the national fund and other relevant organizations.

He called for more help to the PLWDs especially in the drought hit areas who are having bigger challenges in coping with the current hunger situation.

He said that the equipment received today will go a long way to ensure that they can work on their own and boost their income instead of begging in the streets.

By Erick Kyalo

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