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Police Arrest Suspected FGM Circumcisers

Police are holding two women in custody at Ntulele in Narok for circumcising three girls at Naieragie Enkare area in Narok East Sub County.

Nairagie Enkare Deputy County commissioner Charles Githika said one of the girls who underwent the operation has been arrested while two others are yet to be apprehended to help in the investigations.

The DCC told the press that his office received information from good Samaritans that there were three girls locked up in a house awaiting to undergo Female Genital Mutilation (FGM).

“We got a report that the women had cut the girls and we collaborated with the chief on the ground where we managed to arrest two women involved and one girl,” said Githika, adding that two girls escaped.

Githika who spoke from his office yesterday after the arrest said those arrested will serve as an example to the rest of the community noting the state declared total war on FGM, with an aim of eliminating the practice by the year 2022.

He warned chiefs who collaborate with the residents to hide evidence in court that their days were numbered and they risked losing their jobs.

“President Uhuru Kenyatta has already made it clear that this outdated cultural practice should end by the year 2022. Those arrested should serve as an example so that no one will ever think of repeating such an ugly act,” said Githika.

He encouraged girls to prioritize education as statistics show only 40 percent of girls in the sub county were learned.

“We as the government representatives are here to ensure our girls have the right to education. They should have the same opportunity to education just like the boys,” he continued.

The DCC who is only three months old in the sub county asked pregnant school going girls to return to school after giving birth, as there is a great future for them.

“The fact that a girl was impregnated doesn’t mean she cannot further her studies. I want chiefs on the ground to ensure that all girls go back to school after giving birth,” reiterated Githika.

By Ann Salaton

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