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Police Commission to establish policy to assist injured officers

The National Police Service Commission (NPSC) is seeking to create a policy to take care of police officers who are injured and hospitalized or disabled in the line of duty.

Speaking today in Garissa to police officers drawn from Garissa and Wajir counties, NPSC Vice chairperson Dr. Alice Otwala said that the commission has already put in place a board that has been going around the country and assessing the officers with a view to finding a lasting solution.

Dr. Otwala said that the commission has been looking at the welfare of police officers and have found many of them living with illnesses and disabilities, which they got in the course of duty.

“These police officers were recruited when they were strong and able but because of their work, especially those who work in this region, they found themselves shot or sick. These officers have to live with such conditions,” Dr. Otwala said.

“We will be looking at what policies to put in place so that we assist our officers who find themselves in such situations in their line of duty,” she added

The vice chairperson further said that the commission as an employer will be going to the ground to speak to the officers on matters of their welfare and feel what they go through.

On matters of mental health for the officers, Dr. Otwala said that the commission has employed counsellors to offer psychosocial support to the police officers so that they would not have to go to mental breakdown.

She noted that there will be collaboration with the office of the Inspector General of police to ensure that there are counselors in every police station to support officers who need help.

The vice chairperson was accompanied by four other commissioners and top security officials from the North Eastern region led by the Regional Police Commander Rono Bunei.

By Erick Kyalo

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