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Police disperse striking health workers inhumanly

Police in Kirinyaga yesterday dispersed striking medics who were peacefully demonstrating against County Administration over their unmet demands.

The medics were headed to the County headquarters in Kutus town to present a protest note against the area administration for refusing to have a dialogue with them.

They were however intercepted by police in full riot gear who lobbed tear gas canisters at them.

The workers however fled helter-skelter wiping their faces with wet handkerchiefs to clear the irritation caused by the gas.

The confrontation brought business to partial standstill as bystanders watched from a distance as police pursued the running medics who sought refuge at a nearby hotel.

The police also fired the teargas canisters into the joint to flush out the medics forcing customers to also flee with unpaid bills, according to the hotel attendants.

Several medics were left nursing injuries during the afternoon incident which was condemned by area residents.

Led by the Kenya National Medical Practitioners and Dentists Union, Central Kenya Region Secretary Dr., Gor Goody, the protestors said they were not afraid of fighting for for their rights despite police interference.

“Let these police officers understand that in the event they get sick we are the same medics who will attend to them regardless of their actions,”Gor said.

Earlier the medics assembled near the County Assembly offices in Kerugoya town where they strategized on how to storm into the county headquarters.

They then drove in a convoy of Matatus which dropped them near the Kuku joint where they congregated moments before police arrived and broke up the demonstration.

Gor wondered why they were dispersed before presenting their written grievances to the County Government, their employer.

The month long strike has left area residents suffering from lack of health care providers with patients seeking medical services from private facilities.

The strike was sparked off after the county government sacked 346 casual workers

Upon the sacking, all county hospitals were left without cleaners leaving them filthy.This made the medics protest the unhygienic working environment resulting to a strike

By Irungu Mwangi

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