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Police in hunt for woman who abandoned her four month old toddler

Police in Kenyenya Sub County in collaboration with area children officer are pursuing a woman on the run after abandoning her two children aged two years and four months respectively.

Kenyenya Sub County Children’s officer Mr. David Koigi told KNA that Wickliff Ochoro, 34 from Sameta location came to his office carrying two babies that were crying nonstop seeking for help to trace their mother who ran away from home early Monday.

“Mr. Ochoro told me his wife Mercy Nyatuka, left home unannounced after she persistently warned him to stop carrying particular lady clients on his bodaboda business because she allegedly suspects he could be having extra marital affairs with them,” Mr. Koigi said.

“The run-away wife left behind a two year old baby girl who is surviving under colostomy and a four month old toddler who is supposed to be under exclusive breast feeding,” the children’s officer explained.

He said Mr. Ochoro revealed to him that his mother could not take care of the children because she suffers tuberculosis and her left hand was partially paralyzed.

He fears his mother was likely to infect the children with the disease the reason why he feels the biological mother was the right person to take care of the children.

“We are pursuing the mother who did this grievous offence and compel her to help these helpless babies who she left suffering,” the officer stated.

He further advised Mr. Ochoro to ensure he manages his home in a mature and peaceful way to avoid such incidents which leave these vulnerable toddlers undergo unnecessary torture.

By Deborah Bochere

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