Police in Murang’a to nab covid-19 protocols’ offenders

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Police in Murang’a on Friday night nabbed scores of revelers who were found flouting Covid-19 protocols by taking alcohol in several bars during curfew hours.
During an operation done by a multi-agency team led by Murang’a East Deputy County Commissioner Virginia Githumbi, the revelers were found having locked themselves in bars past 10 pm.
Most of the suspects were found in bars within Mukuyu area at the outskirts of Murang’a town and will be arraigned in court today.
President Uhuru Kenyatta on Wednesday announced a raft of new measures aimed at combating the impending second wave of Covid-19 after chairing the sixth extraordinary session at State House in Nairobi.
In Murang’a a police team has been formed to help crackdown people who are flouting the rules especially those who operate restaurants and bars.
The Deputy County Commissioner accused one of the local bars by the name Top-life Bar saying the drinking den has been notorious and observed that even during the earlier restrictions, the owner of the bar used to sell alcohol.
“The patrons and revelers had turned off lights. The bar is notorious for flouting the covid-19 protocols set by the Ministry of Health in trying to fight the spread. This time, we will not rest until the owner of the bar faces the full force of the law,” added Ms Githumbi
The multi-agency team patrolled Murang’a town and its environs ensuring no bar was operating and everybody had gone home by 10 pm.
The DCC noted that the operation was not a one-day exercise but they would continue with it until locals adhered and embraced the health protocols saying this time round, covid-19 virus is spreading at an alarming pace.
Githumbi termed those flouting the covid-19 regulations as dangerous to the community as they may spread the virus more putting lives of thousands of locals at risk of contracting the disease.
“We might not be able to arrest all those flouting the regulations but we will also embark on educating members of the public and reminding them of the need to take necessary precautions in effort to contain the spread of the disease,” she added.
Among the new changes by the President included the adjustment of the nationwide curfew from 11pm down by one hour to 10 pm up to 4 am.
Githumbi noted that they would also patrol market places during day time and encourage people to always wear facemasks properly.

By Bernard Munyao

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