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Police set ablaze illegal gambling machines in Machakos

Some 46 gambling machines have been burned and several boxes of illicit brew confiscated after a raid at the main stage in Machakos town.

Speaking to the media at the Police Headquarters in Machakos on Tuesday, Assistant County Commissioner Judy Njoroge, who was representing the County Commissioner, said that the raid was done by the multi-agency team.

Njoroge said the multi-agency team, consisting of the County Commander, County Intelligence, and the CCIO, confiscated 46 gambling machines and 62 cartons of illicit brew that were being sold to the public.

The ACC said that the gambling machines have destroyed homes and families’ livelihoods since people take their money to the gambling machines instead of taking care of their families and responsibilities.

She added that illicit alcohol has destroyed the youth and is robbing the country of its taxes, thus eroding the Kenyan economy.

Njoroge said their office is open and urged the public to share valuable information with the security forces so that they can curb the illicit alcohol in Machakos and also destroy all the gambling machines that are making the youths idle and commit crimes.

“Members, please be vigilant and help us to arrest these people. The security team is always alert, so kindly give us any information. Our offices are open, and you can come any time,” she added.

On his part, County Police Commander Patrick Lobolia said that the effects the illicit alcohol brings to consumers are the same as those of drugs, which have terminal effects, and it is their duty as a security team to also inform the community of the negative effects of the illicit alcohol.

Lobolia lamented that the sellers of the illicit brew and owners of gambling machines were very strategic because they fixed their businesses at the main stage in Machakos town, where there are many travellers and students going to and from school.

He said they plan to finish the illicit brew and gambling machines in Machakos by having random raids so that they can improve the lives of the youth and the people of Machakos.

“There were around 46 gambling machines, and we believe there are others, so we are also going for them,” added Lobolia.

He noted that there were 23 boxes of illicit power vodka, 16 boxes of smart vodka, and 23 boxes of magic vodka; in total, 62 boxes of illicit brew were confiscated.

The police boss said they have arrested one person who is to be arraigned in court and 17 drunk people who had taken the illicit brew.

He also reiterated that the public should be free to share information with him to stop the vice that was slowly destroying the youth.

By Anne Kangero

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