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Political leaders decry high cost of living

A section of leaders in Homa Bay County want the government to focus on reducing the escalating cost of living.

Homa Bay Woman Rep Joyce Osogo said that the high cost of living was due to excessive taxes imposed on Kenyans to fund the long term government projects.

She said that the taxation has led to skyrocketing cost of basic commodities, which has made many Kenyans unable to make ends meet.

Speaking when she launched bodaboda shades, water tanks and beverage coolers for use by Oyugis Town business community, Osogo told the government to focus on reducing the cost of living and suspend the long term projects.

“Let the government prioritize on reducing the cost of living. It should terminate the affordable housing and other long term development projects,” Dr Osogo said.

The MP accused the government of imposing huge taxes on Kenyans in order to fund the long term development projects.

Bunge la Wananchi Speaker Walter Opiyo echoed her sentiments noting that most of the long term projects are not a priority to Kenyans at the moment.

“The current problem affecting all Kenyans is the high cost of living. These long term projects like affordable housing are not needed by Kenyans at this time,” Opiyo said.

Opiyo said many families cannot afford food on their tables hence the government should rescue them.

“Let the government rescue Kenyans from the high cost of living to reduce the ongoing suffering,” he said.

Opiyo said that the Kenya Kwanza government should fulfill pledges made during campaigns.

He said that the Kenya Kwanza leaders assured voters during campaigns that they will reduce the cost of living but the reality was different.

“It is true that people do not need affordable housing and other projects which make the government impose taxation on citizens. Life has become unbearable to Kenyans,” Opiyo said.

By Davis Langat

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