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Politicians warned against hijacking BBI report

Women allied to Kikuyu Council of Elders want the Building Bridges Initiative report to be taken to Kenyans for deliberations and for final ratification.

The women elders have said the report emanated from views of Kenyans and thus the final say should come from wananchi.

Speaking on Wednesday at Kenol town in Murang’a, the women led by their officials cautioned politicians against hijacking the report and making a decision on behalf of Kenyans.

They said they will not allow the report to be deliberated in Parliament fearing that elected leaders will only be pushing on implementation of parts of the report which favour them.

Chairlady of the women wing of the council Margaret Muthoni said as women they were concerned  that  some leaders who were against BBI are now supporting the report.

She alleged that the leaders who have changed their tune to support the report might have seen sections which will favour them and not Kenyans at large.

“As women elders we want the report to be deliberated by all Kenyans but not few elected leaders. The views which resulted to the document came from wananchi and let the report be taken back to the people for the final decision,” stated Muthoni.

Another official Sarah Wanjiku noted that as women council they will   study the report and try to educate other women at the grassroots about the report.

Wanjiku lauded the President for coming out to unite the country by bringing together leaders including those who are in opposition.

She castigated leaders who have been objecting to the handshake between the President and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga saying some leaders thrive on ensuring there are divisions in the country.

“It’s unfortunate to see leaders campaigning against BBI and the same leaders have been all along criticising handshake! These leaders may not understand the need for peace in the country but as women we suffer a lot when the country is experiencing conflict,” observed Wanjiku who comes from Molo in Nakuru County.

Chairman of Kikuyu Council of Elders who graced the occasion Wachira Kiango said as elders they will carefully study the BBI report as they  move to educate their members  about  details of the report.

He said women will be of great importance in informing people at grassroots about the report before a final decision is made.

Wachira condemned political factions especially witnessed in central region, which he accused of   showing disrespect to the President.

“Leaders who are moving around especially in this region should feel ashamed and stop early 2022 politics. They should obey the call by the President to focus on development and avoid premature campaigns,” added Wachira.

By Bernard Munyao

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