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Pollution killing tons of fish in Lake Victoria

Fishermen in Homa-Bay county have expressed concerns over worsening levels of pollution in Lake Victoria that was threatening the survival of fish.

The fishermen led by Lake Victoria beach management Unit Chairman Tom Guda said many parts of the lake especially in Winam Gulf and Homa Bay were seriously polluted.

Guda said that the pollution had made the water develop a thick layer whose colour changes from green to red and emit a foul smell.

He said this makes water uninhabitable by fish and unfit for domestic use.

The official noted that the fishermen have experienced serious decline of fish due to the pollution.

“There are many parts of Winam Gulf where the water has developed a thick layer that looks like sawdust. What worsens the situation is that fish do not stay in the affected areas due to inadequate flow of oxygen,” Guda said.

The Chairman told the press that the situation can also be attributed to deaths of fish which occurred in the lake a few weeks ago.

“Dead fish were littered in the affected areas which may have aggravated the situation,” he said.

Mary Aoko, a resident of Ndhuru beach in Mbita Sub-county said they lack water for domestic chores due to the pollution.

“We are suffering shortage of clean water because the lake is too polluted to be used for domestic purposes,” said Aoko.

Guda urged the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA), Ministry of water and county government of Homa Bay to intervene and address the matter.

He warned that may fishermen are going to be rendered jobless soon if the problem is not addressed.

“I appeal to the government agencies to intervene. Many people are going to be deprived of their livelihoods if the problem persists,” Guda added.

By Davis Langat

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