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Potato traders warned on violating crops regulations

Potato Traders in Melili area in Narok North Sub- County have been asked to abide by the Potato Regulations or face the law if caught with extended sacks.

Speaking to the press, Senior Chief Moses Dapash, said he received a lot of complaints from farmers, saying that potato brokers were still using the outlawed measurements in buying their produce.

This follows protests from the farmers in the area against the new regulations enacted recently in order to protect the farmer from exploitation by brokers.

The farmers claimed that they have suffered a lot of losses when it comes to the potatoes sales and want the County Government to be strict when assessing the bags at the collection centres and at the barriers.

Dapash and other officials held talks with the farmers and sensitized them on the law and importance of following it.

He reminded them that potato dealers risk a three-year jail term or a Sh5 million fine or both if they violate Irish Potatoes Regulations 2019.

The regulation requires farmers and dealers to pack Irish Potatoes into a maximum weight of 50kg. The regulation brings a reprieve to the farmers and will save them of up to 50 per cent of their returns which they used to lose due to poor packaging.

By Lavera Ndanunga

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