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Poultry farmers in Meru benefit from chick hatchery

Poultry farming in Ntima west, North Imenti got a boost after Meru County government handed over a hatchery facility to the farmers at Ng’onyi where improved Kienyeji chicken will be bred at a low cost.

Last year the County government commissioned a similar facility at Ntalami village in Kianjai Ward, Tigania West.

The project is in line with the government’s initiative to shift from traditional to the modern agricultural economy, an idea that has been borrowed from South Korea where it has made the country one of the fastest-growing economies in the world.

“I wish to thank the Country Director for KOPIA Kenya Dr. Kim Keejong who joined me in today’s ceremony, and the Government of South Korea with whom our administration has co-funded the project to ensure our people achieve similar success in agriculture and economy like in South Korea. We chose to partner with South Korea in a vision to improve our agriculture for food and household incomes in Meru, because South Korea was way behind Kenya years ago, but through advanced technologies and organized agriculture, the country has become a global powerhouse in both economy and food production,” said Meru Deputy Governor Titus Ntuchiu.

Ntuchiu revealed that through Ng’onyi Model Village, each household has increased the number of chickens from eight to an average of 73 which earned a minimum average profit of Sh50, 000 to Sh100,000 per home since the project was inaugurated last year.

He said the County Department of Agriculture was training farmers across the County on the best poultry production practices and discipline to ensure minimal production losses in order to achieve a multiplier effect and project sustainability.

“Governor Kiraitu’s aim is to have the hatcheries at Ntalami and Ng’onyi produce enough improved Kienyeji chicks for farmers everywhere in Meru County in the coming few months. We will join hands with all stakeholders to make this a success,” said Ntuchiu.

By Dickson Mwiti

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