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Poultry farmers in uproar over influx of eggs

The  Thika Member of Parliament, Patrick  Wainaina  wants the government to intervene in the poultry products trade to safeguard local poultry farmers from bankruptcy.

Wainaina  said the importation of eggs from neighbouring countries has flooded the local market and rendered poultry farming non-lucrative.

He  said the government should empower local poultry farmers through policy interventions to produce enough to sustain the market.

Speaking  in  Thika town when he met poultry farmers from Kiambu County, the legislator said unscrupulous businessmen are taking advantage of the bi-lateral trade agreement between the East  African community states to flood the local market with unnecessary products.

He said the government should defend the local farmer to motivate them to invest in meaningful ventures as a way of reducing unemployment.

“Some policies are hurting the local farmer. Why should we import eggs yet our farmers can produce enough if empowered?” he wondered.

The  Gatundu North MP, Wanjiku Kibe  who was also in attendance said MPs will liaise with the Agriculture Ministry to help poultry farmers’access subsidized modern vaccines.

She said poultry farmers were recording losses due to lack of vaccines to cure various diseases that affect their birds.

The farmers complained of how non-lucrative the venture has become due to high competition from egg brokers and dealers.

The price of a tray has reduced from Sh.330 in February to Sh. 300.

“As we struggle to improve the sector, brokers and smugglers are making a kill from buying eggs from commercial poultry farmers to sell for a profit.

This  free trade is hurting the local farmer,” said Zackary Waweru Monyambo, the coordinator of the cooperative.

The farmers were given an incubator that has a capacity of hatching 1, 000 eggs per round by the MP, alongside a food mixer to be able to make their own animal feeds to avoid being exploited by private manufacturers of layer’s mash.

By  Edwin  Wang’ombe/Muoki Charles

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