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Presence of locusts scare farmers

The presence of locusts in Trans Nzoia since last week has sent panic among farmers who are now fearing for destruction of their crops.

Residents who spotted the locust at various places in the county asked the government to move with speed and have the locusts contained before the planting season sets in.

Their fears were however quickly dismissed by area county director of Agriculture Mr. Edward Osanya, who said the few insects seen by residents were nothing to worry about.

Nonetheless, Osanya confirmed that indeed a swarm of locusts passed through the county early last week without causing any damage.

According to the director, the ones residents were showing around were just a few fully matured locusts that dropped in the county and had no consequence.

“For locusts to do destruction, any invasion also has to be in large numbers, he said.

However, he told KNA in his office Wednesday that his team has been trained on identification and handling of the locusts and they were fully prepared in-case of an invasion.

The invasion of locusts in parts of the country has sent shockwaves among farmers who have been fearing for massive destruction of crops and vegetation.

By Pauline Ikanda

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