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Principal cautions students on schools unrest

Machakos Boys Chief Principal Indimuli Kahi has warned students who feel stressed or not interested in learning to go home instead of causing unrests in schools.

Indimuli who is also the Chairman of Kenya Secondary School Heads Association, (KESSHA), said students who participated in burning school buildings last year should have been allowed to go home if they felt stressed and unable to cope with school rules.

 “Burning of schools does not help, any student who feels stressed should not stay in school to destroy property and influence others, but can ask for permission to go home and the request will be granted,” Indimuli said while addressing the press at Machakos Boys High School.

He urged parents to in future talk to their children before reporting to school to ascertain if they are willing to study and stay in school for the full term. “The school calendar is out; parents and students have an option. It is crucial for parents to discuss with their children so that if the students finds it difficult to sit in school for the whole term, then they should not report to school but stay home as individuals,” added the Principal.

Indimuli supported the directive by the Ministry of Education that all students of Maranda High School undergo drug tests while reporting to school saying the initiative would help both parents and the school as it provides an opportunity for the school to find remedial measures for those found abusing drugs.

“If the school administration and the Board of Management notice some students behaving awkwardly in contravention of school rules, then it would be right to order a drug test to find mitigation measures to assist the students,” said Indimuli.

He also called for parents to agree with school heads on fees payment to ensure seamless learning adding even though there are financial challenges, parents should not pile up school fees arrears as doing so affects the running of learning institutions since school capitation  does not cover boarding fees.


By Anne Kangero

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