Private Tea Factories Plead For Subsidized Fertilizer

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Private Tea factories in Bomet County are pleading for inclusion in the government subsidized fertilizer programme.

Led by the Greenfield tea factory Assistant manager Ambrose Cheruiyot, they decried the high cost of fertilizers and asked the government to intervene so that they can also benefit from the program.

“Private factories in the country can’t access subsidized fertilizer for its only available for factories under the Kenya Tea Development Agency (KTDA), we are also struggling to remain afloat, hence the need for government help,” explained Cheruiyot.

The assistant manager said even though they pay farmers earlier than the other factories in the region, they still feel the pain of the high cost of fertilizers that they procure for them.

According to Cheruiyot, private factories have been helping communities around them, for instance in Chemaner, Bomet East constituency they have repaired roads leading to their factory.

He also pointed out that government regulations are crafted in such a way that it was too difficult for private entities to make rapid decisions and embark on say construction of roads or other social amenities without going through a rigorous authorization process.

The assistant manager urged the two levels of government to enact policies that will enable the private sector to intervene in some dire situations, where such challenges need involvement from other stakeholders.

“Sometimes private investors could be willing to assist in repairing of roads and other social amenities surrounding their respective factories, we are urging the government to streamline the way for of our involvement when need arises,” stated Cheruiyot.

Among other benefits that nearby communities get from private factories include sponsorship of vulnerable children, planting of trees and repair of roads in the vicinity.

By Lamech Willy



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