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Prof. Wajackoya calls for reconciliation among Kenyans

Former Presidential contender Prof. George Wajackoya was one of the guests at the Watanashati festival held at Kinoru Stadium, Meru Saturday, where he called on Kenyans to consider reconciliation as a virtue of uniting the country.

Addressing journalists on the sidelines of the festival, the Roots Party leader Prof. Wajackoya said he was in the county on a mission to tell the people that Kenya is one and that everyone was free to visit any part of the country, without any fear whatsoever.

“If you go to South Nyanza, Western, Rift Valley, and any other part of the country you should feel comfortable. This issue of dividing the country into regions and backyards should have no place in modern Kenya,” he said.

The Roots Party leader thanked President Dr. William Ruto for advancing the ideology of having a united country, where no region or community should be left behind in terms of development, irrespective of their voting patterns.

“I fully support the President’s sentiments, during his ongoing visit to Nyanza region, on the need to have one Kenya, where people can all walk everywhere in this country and embrace each other as the country belongs to all of us,” said Prof. Wajackoya, who also lauded the ongoing spirit of dialogue in the country.

He added: “Whoever says that one should not get to a certain area because it belongs to a certain community and such misconceptions is living in the 14th century and should be shunned by all and sundry.”

He thanked the people of Meru and especially the young people for supporting him during last year’s presidential elections, adding that he will continue advancing their aspirations, despite the fact that he didn’t win the race.

“I would also encourage the young people of Meru to use the available opportunities to build their future, fully aware that you are all part of this great country, and let nobody divide you along ethnic lines, or discriminate you in any aspect,” implored Prof. Wajackoya.

He added: “So, I am here to reconcile, to build and to provide the vision and the mission for the future of our youth.”

By Dickson Mwiti


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