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Protect your children during the holidays, parents urged

Parents and guardians have been urged to keep a close check on their children and protect them from vices that may ruin their lives during the long Christmas break.

African Independent Church (AIC) Bishop Sammy Kithia speaking during a Sunday service at Nyumbaitui in Igembe Central Sub-County, called upon the parents and guardians to act as role models to their children and assign them various responsibilities to keep them busy at home, during the entire festive season.

Kithia maintained that, it is during December holidays that majority of learners engage in all the pitfalls of life including premarital sex and drug abuse, while others are subjected to Female Genital Mutilation.

The cleric observed that early pregnancies have greatly increased in the area due to lack of parental guidance and counseling. He called on parents to discuss issues openly concerning sexuality with their children and not to leave the role to teachers and spiritual leaders.

Kithia also urged parents to embrace modern and safe circumcision for their boys to be nurtured both socially and spiritually.

At the same time, the Bishop condemned those still living in dark ages by practicing FGM, terming it as harmful, demeaning and unlawful.

By Kamanja Maeria


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