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Protecting children’s rights

Nakuru residents were today commended by NGOs that deal with minors for their proactive boldness towards the protection of children’s rights by reporting cases of mistreatment and neglect more promptly than before.

The chairman of NGOs that deal with children Cosmos Mutua said increased awareness has made the residents to be responsive to the minors’ rights through various channels, such as education, media, and community outreach programmes.

While being interviewed by KNA today, he said this year alone, they have rescued over twenty children, mainly through calls from neighbours.

He added that there are social and cultural changes, and as communities progress, there’s often a greater emphasis on protecting the well-being of children.

Mutua, also applauded children’s rights advocates in the county who have taken a proactive stance on children’s rights, noting that many of them have taken the messages to the grassroots, and mobilized communities to address issues affecting children.

Additionally, he said the legal frameworks and policies relating to children’s rights have led to increased attention and action by Nakuru residents.

He said when laws are in place to protect juveniles’ rights, it creates a foundation for individuals and communities to actively engage in ensuring their implementations.

The chairman gave examples of children’s desks at police stations, which has made the process easier and faster, hence driving proactive behaviours from locals, who felt compelled to take action to protect the rights of vulnerable children in the community.

He warned both parents, step-parents, and even relatives, that any mistreatment of a child was likely to be reported faster than any other crime because they enlist empathy from communities around them.

Mutua gave an example of a guardian who was dumbfounded when they arrived at their rural home to pick up a girl whom neighbours had reported for frequent beating.

He emphasized that every child deserves protection and care from parents and communities and that the government was more than ever ready and willing to protect vulnerable children.

By Veronica Bosibori

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