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PSC Chairperson pledges to support the Commission’s mandate

The new Public Service Commission (PSC) Chairperson Amb Anthony Muchiri has made a clarion call to the entire PSC fraternity to tirelessly support the Commission’s vision of a more citizen-centric public service.

Through the mantra ‘call and will serve’, Muchiri appealed to the PSC staff to return to the basics that defined public service as a calling, which is driven and inspired more by the will to serve than personal interest.

Speaking during the inaugural meeting with fellow Commissioners and the Secretariat staff at the Kenyatta International Convention Center (KICC) in Nairobi, the Chairperson was pleased and grateful for the warm welcoming spirit and the personal interaction accorded to him, since his appointment in December last year.

“Curiously, I am joining the Commission at a time when the train has left the station, literally cruising on a clear track charted by a very transformative Strategic Plan 2019-2024,” Muchiri expressed as he pledged to deliver on the Commission’s aspirations and constitutional mandate working together with the team.

As a public servant with 37 years of experience, he appreciated all the efforts that the government makes to empower citizens, improve their livelihoods, grow the economy and realize faster development for the current and future generations.

However, in his modest contribution to assist the government to achieve its development objectives and deliver services to the citizens faithfully and diligently, Muchiri was concerned about the human resource challenges that slow down these efforts.

“Low wages and stagnation, among other factors are the challenges that have plagued civil servants, leading to low morale and poor service delivery,” he added.

Nevertheless, the Chairperson, through a number of proposals, vowed to continue with the clear trajectory set out in the Strategic Plan to scale up, work together, stay on the course, and do more to transform the public service into a dynamic, anticipatory, responsive, and influential organization.

“One of the proposals is to energize the commitment of all stakeholders to support the desire and aspirations of the Commission’s vision, mission and core values,” Muchiri said.

Additionally, he plans to forge and strengthen networks between the three arms of government, the private sector, donor agencies, and critical drivers such as the youth, women, persons with disabilities and the diaspora.

He also pledged to build consensus across all levels in order to strengthen the Secretariat’s capacity to deliver on the decisions of the Commission.

“My final proposal is to eliminate through decisive administrative decisions, the low morale, stagnation, and low wages and in return expect a return to the ‘call and will to serve’ mantra,” he reiterated.

The chairperson emphasized on the mantra to be seen as naturally flowing from the Commission to the rest of the public service, citing the positions of the receptionists and telephone operators, who are the first point of interaction with citizens, as critical on the reflection of the PSC’s actions, demeanor, and integrity to the public.

He promised to reinvigorate the Citizens’ Service Delivery Contact Center to provide a channel for citizens’ complaints resolution in the entire public service in a bid to introduce that personal touch in service delivery.

I will also be making rounds in every office to individually meet and consult with every staff member, old and new and to ascertain the workplace environment, conditions, and challenges,” Muchiri said as he encouraged both the staff and the public to regularly visit the Commission’s website in order to be apprised with any developments.

At the same time, the Commission’s Vice-Chairperson Charity Kisotu, while congratulating and welcoming Amb. Muchiri, urged the PSC staff to offer its unwavering support for the new Chairperson in achieving the Commission’s goal of reforming and transforming the entire civil service.

She eulogized the former PSC Chairperson, the late Stephen Kirogo, as having laid down a strong foundation of a citizen-centric public service and commended the new chairperson’s vision of interpersonal interaction.

“Much ground has been covered, but more needs to be done, therefore, I appeal to the secretariat to put their weight behind Amb. Muchiri by undertaking their tasks and responsibilities completely because if the chairperson succeeds, the whole Commission succeeds too,” she stressed.

The PSC Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Dr Simon Rotich, assured the new Chairperson that his team is able, capable, and dedicated in supporting and implementing the decisions of the Commission’s Board.

The CEO remarked that the Commission’s performance in financial management was commendable through the regular facilitation of staff to undergo individual and group training amid the Covid-19 restrictions and budget cuts.

By Michael Omondi

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