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The Public Service Governance (PSG) has released the Affordable Kitchen Bill For All, to legislate zero taxation on five major items used every day in the country including, Unga, Cooking oil, Sugar, Rice and Cooking Gas.

The Bill also seeks to guide the government to diversify revenue collection and fill in the gap of levies on items.

Presiding over a press briefing, Friday, at a Nairobi hotel, the PSG President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Esther Waringa, said that passing of the Bill into law, will provide a lasting solution to the challenges faced as a result of high cost of living and end demonstrations.

She called upon Parliament, both the National Assembly and the Senate, to fast track its legislation, so as to provide economic relief to Kenyans from high prices of commodities, hence affordability.

“PSG has initiated a healthy discussion and action in the country through legal mechanisms. To this effect, we will sponsor the Affordable Kitchen Bill For All, in Kenya when the Bill is officially introduced in the Senate as processes are underway to bring it to the floor of the House,” voiced Waringa.

The CEO urged the government to stop country plunges that cause economic meltdown, acute political division, tribalism, high cost of living and Internally Displaced Persons (IDP’s) birthed every  five  years after elections are held, adding that this makes Kenya ungovernable for a while and derails development.

“We are introducing a pure Public Service System of Governance, where service delivery is facilitated through the Ministries of Government only,” remarked Waringa.

The PSG Boss declared that the Institution would be sponsoring the ‘KENYA BILA UCHAGUZI BILL’ (Kenya without elections Bill), to help curb conflicts experienced after.

Waringa added that the Bill is ongoing and that her legal team is working on passing it to the Popular Initiative Constitutional Amendment and in turn submit it to the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) where citizens will own the process of doing away with elections.

Among the issues proposed in the Bill is that the PSG will form a Council known as Public Service Governance Council (PSGC), who will vet the incoming president to serve a Seven -year term instead of five, as expressed in the Constitution of Kenya.

The CEO articulated that Civic Education and Public Participation process would be available as of next week, noting that the beginning of corporatizing governance, vetting and appointing is a huge step in birthing leadership in the nation.

According to Waringa, both Bills seek to promote soberness, yield positive results, to heal and provide lasting solutions to a sustainable development in Kenya.

PSG is an institution that strengthens public service institutions and capacity development forms through good, peaceful, accountable, responsible and divine supremacy on key interventions towards economic, social and governing progress.

By Phinta Amondi

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