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Public Health intensifies vaccination of stray dogs in Kapsowar

Efforts to address the issue of stray dogs in Kapsowar town, Marakwet West Sub County, have intensified, resulting in the euthanization of 30 dogs.

Area Public Health Officer Jane Kiprop reported that the process of baiting the stray animals commenced at Sisiya market and Sinon, with the ultimate objective of eradicating the stray dog population in Kapsowar town.

To mitigate the potential risks posed by these stray dogs, Arnold Kiplagat, the Veterinary Officer of Marakwet West, urged dog owners to bring their pets for vaccination against diseases in the upcoming week.

Kiplagat emphasized the importance of vaccinating dogs to prevent the spread of diseases like rabies, as the neglect and lack of vaccination of these stray dogs make them highly susceptible.

To ensure the safety of both the community and livestock, the vaccination campaign will encompass all markets within the region. The recent surge in the number of stray dogs and the corresponding increase in reported dog bite incidents in various markets prompted the urgent need for action.

In a similar endeavor, Tot Ward in Marakwet East Sub County underwent a comparable operation targeting stray dogs. This initiative successfully eliminated 40 dogs that posed a potential threat to public safety.

The coordinated efforts between public health officials, veterinary officers, and local communities aim to address the escalating problem of stray dogs in the area.

By implementing measures such as vaccination campaigns and euthanization programmes, the authorities hope to curb the spread of diseases and reduce the incidence of dog-related incidents in the markets and towns of Marakwet West Sub County.

Residents need to complement these efforts by ensuring their dogs are properly vaccinated and kept under control, thus contributing to a safer environment for both humans and animals.

By Rennish Okong’o

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