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Public reject Sh.360 million tender to construct assembly cafeteria

Members of the public are opposed to awarding of tender to commence construction of County Assembly’s modern cafeteria at a cost of Sh.360 million.

The Isiolo ‘Rights Watch’ group and County Contractors Association chairman, Mr. Ismael Galma said building a cafeteria was not a priority for the county which is classified among the ones worst hit by drought.

He said the government should divert the money to buying food and trucking water to schools and health centres in remote parts of the county that are experiencing drought effects.

Mr. Galma and other human rights activists said cafeteria should be constructed later on and be put at lower cost adding they should continue eating from hotels until when the situation improves.

The leaders urged Governor Dr. Mohamed Kuti to petition the members of County Assembly to cancel the contract and channel the funds to emergencies.

Mr. Galma, a former civic leader said the MCAs should be formally requesting the two levels of government to provide foodstuffs to 60,000 people who are suffering following drought in the county.

Even as the Isiolo rights watch group demands the construction to be withheld, the Assembly Speaker, Mr. Hussein Roba says he fully supports the move saying that the cafeteria, which will incorporate a public gallery was agreed upon, after the public complained of not having a place to sit and follow proceedings.

Roba said that the new public gallery will hold over 400 members of the public to follow proceedings in the assembly.

According to Roba the move is in line with the strategic plan where Isiolo expected to have an increased number of MCAs by 2020, with the county likely to have 25 MCAs an increase from the current 15 after the independent boundaries review.

By Abduba Mamo/David Nduro

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