Public Servants Sensitised on The New PSSS

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Public Servants in Migori County have been sensitised on the new Public Servant Superannuation Scheme (PSSS) that commenced in 2021.

An Assistant Director at the National Treasury’s Pensions Department Michael Obonyo said that the PSSS sensitisation exercise aimed to highlight the benefits provided under the new scheme.

He said that the forum will assist the public service employees to understand the transition from the old scheme to the new arrangement.

Obonyo added that the sensitisation forum will also help the public servants to understand their obligations as members of the PSSS.

The government implemented the new scheme in 2021 as a way of ensuring the pension scheme for public servants is sustainable. Obonyo said that the new scheme will ensure that public servants are guaranteed their pension when they retire as provided by the law.

Under the new PSSS scheme, the first member is expected to retire in 15 years’ time, effective from January 2021. Obonyo noted that the new scheme would have grown through the annual internal investment to ensure that members are paid in good time.

The official pinpointed that the government budget is about Sh171 billion towards pensions which incorporated the pension of gratuities, monthly payments for members of the old scheme, and contribution of the government portion towards the public service superannuation scheme.

Obonyo acknowledged that the new scheme will align with the retirement benefit act that requires members to be paid within 30 days.

He encouraged members to continue updating their records to ensure the right beneficiaries benefit from the scheme in case of a member’s demise.

Migori County Deputy Commissioner Benson Karani said that the public servants of Migori were supportive of the new scheme. He emphasised that it was important for the government to come up with schemes that will effectively cover their employees to enable them to retire with dignity.

By Geoffrey Makokha

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