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Pupil overcomes wildlife attacks to score 405 marks

A family in Kimagandura village, Laikipia North sub county has a reason to smile after their child scored 405 marks in 2021 KCPE results released Monday, amid many challenges of trekking for long distances and fear of attacks from wild animals.

Speaking to the press Tuesday, Roseline Natasha, aged 14 years from Reteti Primary School said, “I would walk for four kilometres to school every day and some times in the morning, I would come across some elephants along the way, forcing me to go back home for fear of being attacked.”

Natasha further noted that occasionally when it rained, the river separating her home and the school flooded, making her miss some lessons in the school.

She noted that having some supportive family and teachers helped her score the good marks, thought without them, possibly she would have scored much higher.

Natasha hopes to join Kenya high school and later become an engineer.

Her father, Solomon Nong’iso, said Natasha would help with some house chores whenever there was a problem in the family, thus at times robbing her of her precious study time.

“However, I am very happy for my child’s good performance and we are very grateful. If she was in a better studying environment, she would have scored much better. Sometimes she would come home before time for fear of elephant attacks,” said Nong’iso, revealing that Natasha was a very bright child from an early age.

The family hopes after her education, she will be able to rescue them from poverty.

By Muturi Mwangi

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