PWDs in Baringo receive tools of trade, assistive devices

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The National Fund for the Disabled of Kenya (NFDK) has issued Baringo People with Disabilities (PWDs) assorted tools of trade, assistive devices and livestock worth Sh1.2 million.

Donated equipment included wheelchairs, hair salon kits, sewing machines, tailoring machines, radio repair, masonry and carpentry tools plus livestock that was given to 54 individuals in Baringo Central, South, North and Koibatek Sub-Counties.

Baringo DCC Rueben Ratemo who spoke to KNA at the commissioner’s grounds in Kabarnet town during the handing over on Thursday urged the beneficiaries to make good use of the equipment to better their lives.

“Let us strive to be self-dependent and stop begging and depending on others and that is why this equipment has been brought to help you make a living,” Ratemo said.

Ratemo affirmed his support for PWDs and asked the welfare chairperson to champion identifying them in the society in order to receive Government support.

National Council of Persons with Disabilities (NCPWD) County Director Wesley Mutai thanked NFDK for the support, and noted that it would go a long way in improving livelihoods and also encouraged more PWDs to come out and register in order to receive support.

NFDK Assistant Program Manager Isaac Aliyah thanked the DCC for their support and informed the PWDs to apply for the support in order to improve livelihoods.

He also said NFDK has been assisting PWDS in the country at both individual and institutional levels in form of grants and scholarships.

“We have been issuing assistive devices for PWDs who are unable to walk, see or hear as well as tools of trade for economic use and there are various flagship programs aimed at constructing infrastructure for schools with special needs students,” stated Aliyah.

Aliyah however noted that the program had not been fully implemented due to lack of information by PWDs about the funds and also improper filling of forms, hence cannot keep track of some of them due to missing contact information.

Dominic Kibore, a beneficiary from Baringo Central Sub-County expressed his gratitude to the Government for the support to improve their economic status.

Kibore implored other beneficiaries to use the equipment responsibly to ensure economic growth.

By Caroline Cherono

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