Quarantine Issued After Disease Outbreak


Veterinary department in Kakamega County has imposed a quarantine on the movement of livestock and its products in Lugari, Likuyani and Matete Sub Counties following an outbreak of foot and mouth disease in the area.

The quarantine notice was issued by the County Director of Veterinary Services Dr. Paul Otsieno banning the movement of cattle, shoats and pigs from one place to another.

During the quarantine period, no livestock or other animal products shall be moved from or into the affected areas without a written permission from the veterinary officer.

“The grazing of livestock will be done far away from the roads and that the carcasses of all animals that were infected by diseases have to be buried,” he said.

Lugari Sub County Veterinary Officer Dr. Wycliffe Muholo said the disease had been reported in several parts of the Sub County by the disease surveillance team.

He said that the infected animals are unable to walk, loose appetite and die within a short period if there is no quick veterinary attention.

Dr. Muholo ordered all livestock markets in the area to remain closed until further notice.

The veterinarian listed the affected markets as Kipkaren in Lugari on Thursdays, Matunda stock ring in Likuyani and Matete stock ring in Matete on Saturdays.

By Sammy Mwibanda

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