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Rangwe residents decry vandalism of water project

Residents of Kamagawi and Genga locations in Gem West Ward, Rangwe Constituency are facing an acute water shortage after unknown people vandalized their water supply project.

The project, Kokinda Water Supply, was built more than three decades ago to help end perennial water shortage in the two locations.

West Gem Ward Member of County Assembly (MCA), Charles Awiti Awino, said it was regrettable that the project was vandalized soon after he rehabilitated it.

The water project which serves more than 200 families from the two locations was constructed by Amref, Non-Governmental organization, to cushion the residents who had been walking for long distances in search of clean water for domestic use and for their animals.

Awino said that the water project had recently stopped working after the pipes clogged but he decided to cater for the cost of repair for the water project to help residents.

But over the weekend, unknown people broke the installations in the project in what he believes to have been politically motivated.

The MCA claimed that goons hired by his opponents could have been responsible for the vandalism

The vandals brought down a wall at the project and damaged pipes supplying water to the residents.

So far, no arrest has been made in connection with the incident but the local police boss said they were investigating the case.

By Davis Langat 

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