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Rare wedding in Kapenguria

Makutano Commercial Centre in Kapenguria Town was treated to a rare spectacle, Tuesday, when a woman adorned in a complete wedding gown stormed the streets amid cheers to purportedly ‘tie the knot with the Holy Spirit’.

Curious residents abandoned their daily activities to witness the unfolding drama in the ceremony conducted at the Chelang’a Gardens.

However, Elizabeth Nalem, did not take any wedding vows but instead the pastor gave a summon and only prayed for her.

Addressing the enchanted church members and local residents after the short ceremony, Nalem said she had served the world for many years and now she wanted to dedicate her life to her God.

She added that the “Holy Spirit” drove her to Pastor Albert Rumaita, who then bought her a wedding gown and hired vehicles to escort her to the ceremony.

The mother of six who works for the County Government was accompanied by her workmates and business people who cheered her up as she went through the process.

She is said to have consulted her husband to allow her engage in the wedding but he refused.

Her husband, Joshua Nalem, who appeared astonished by the turn of events, however, accused the wife of betraying their relationship by deciding to “marry” the Church.

He said his wife had been waking-up at the wee hours of the morning to pray and when he questioned her change of behaviour, she moved out of their home to their neighbourhood.

Pastor Albert Rumaita, told the crowd that flouted all Covid-19 protocols that the world might be coming to an end, thus he had no option but to obey what the lady requested him to do.

Rumaita said he was forced to buy the wedding gown and a robe which she wore after the wedding.

The incident has left tongues wagging among West Pokot residents who have been wondering what circumstances may have led to the woman into to such a decision.

“We have never had such previous incident of any woman wedding a spirit. This is absurd,” said one of witnesses who reacted to the absurd event.

By Richard Muhambe


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